violence in a women’s prison (1982)


AKA Chicks in Chains

The reporter Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is on an undercover mission in a prison. If you ever watched any of the women-in-prison movies of the 1980s, you know: prisoners are not treated kindly there. However, “Violenza…” is a little bit superior to most of this genre insofar as it is not only into shower scenes. It’s a tough, dark, fast moving flick with an amazing Laura Gemser and her husband Gabriele Tinti as a doctor who helps her to escape. The slowly evolving love interest between the doctor and Emanuelle is well scripted. Not for the fainthearted, however, is a scene where Emanuelle is locked up in a dark cell with a bunch of rats attacking her. Two years later, director Bruno Mattei went on to shoot “Rats – Notte di Terrore” with many more rats – a kind of unhealthy fascination, if you ask me. Laura Gemser and Gabriele Tinti continued with another prison movie “I Violenti” which is a sequel (not as good as the first film) to “Violenza…” although Tinti plays a different character

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