Tokyo X Erotica (2001)


Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Stars: Yumeka Sasaki, Mayuko Sasaki, Mariko Naka

This experimental digital film from writer/director Takahisa Zeze explores love, life, sex, and death throughout the course of five explicit vignettes. Starring Yuji Ishikawa and Takeshi Ito, Tokyo X Erotica was originally released with the subtitle Shibireru Kairaku and screened at the 2002 Rotterdam International Film Festival.


What lasts longer, the time before birth or the time after death? In the 1990’s, Kenjo (Ishikawa Yuichi) dies in a terrorist gas attack. His girlfriend Haruka (Sasaki Yumeka) is killed by a man she meets as a street prostitute. In 2002, Kenji and Haruka who should already be dead, meet again and a new story begins ..

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