The Melody – เดอะ เมโลดี้ รักทำนองนี้

When the life of Vin singer and songwriter popular with high self-confidence. Is entering a downturn cool off. The change makes it difficult to accept the win away to hide the small town of Mae Hong Son on high mountain fog that he met the great pianist. South bother the girls generally prefer to force him to do things that are always ugly. And then she came to change his life without knowing the intimate music making and learn how to win. The song was played for the sweetness of his life, is the heart of a woman in front of me. But Devin knew Fate would lead to a significant impediment. What makes the win, cloud and learning to inspire each other. The test will give all couples go about it. Even in the darkest corners of Middle distress are formed. The song was composed and he helped compose the theme song petition the purest ever played at all.


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