Sømænd på sengekanten 1976

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Sømænd på sengekanten AKA Bedside Sailors

This is the last of the bedside comedies from Denmark. A young woman pretends to be a man in order to win a job as machinist’s mate on a freighter. When she is discovered, they are already at sea. This is a very bawdy comedy.

Starring: Anne Bie Warburg, Ole Søltoft, Lisbeth Olsen, Bent Warburg, Søren Strømberg, Annie Birgit Garde, Karl Stegger, Paul Hagen, Arthur Jensen, & Alice Westerling.

Director: John Hilbard
Writer: John Hilbard
Stars: Bjørn Puggaard-Müller, Annie Birgit Garde, Otto Brandenburg

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