Siren X (2008)


Director: Hideo Jôjô
Writers: Hideo Jôjô (screenplay), Yûji Takagi (screenplay)
Stars: Yuma Asami, Yuria Hidaka, Yûya Matsuura
Genres: Adult | Horror
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Also Known As: Yôjo densetsu Seirên X: Mashô no yûwaku

Siren X starts out with a little blurb about what you’re about to watch. It said something like, “The beautiful water demon of the lake will do anything to quench her sexual needs.” Sounds alright, huh? And to make it even better, this sexual demon is none other than the Japanese AV buxom beaut, Yuma Asami.

The story is very simple with some relationship filler thrown in. Crew for the show “Mini-Skirt Adventures” are on location at a mysterious lake where they’re “investigating” a possible phenomenon. Using as many scenarios to show our lil hosts cotton dainties is the primary goal for the show. It begins to rain, they run for their lives, end up at a house where the buxom demon-beaut lives…alone. Well, through her cute smile and amazing rack she begins her sluttiness so she can subdue her sexual appetite.

That’s it, hot chick bangs dudes who can’t say “no”, and they all die. At only 65 minutes the movie isn’t really a chore, but the sex scenes are pretty weak with just a bunch of boob squeezing and some hands traveling below the belt. Asami, disappointingly (in the words of Joe Bob Briggs) kisses like a dead fish. She brought her porn star kissing style to this flick, and it wasn’t so hot. Though her perfect breasts and non-stop whimpering more than makes up for her lackluster make-out sessions. If ya got the hankering for a horror flick that’s more heavy on the sex than horror, give this a go. Again, two words, Yuma Asami.

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