Sesso profondo (1980)


Director: Frank Martin (Marino Girolami)
Cast: Al Cliver, Eveline Barrett, Franz Muller, Brenda Shigton, Linda Fumis, Venantino Venantini, Donald O’Brien, Adriana Giuffrè, Dino Mattielli, Flora Calendano, Cinzia Fattori

from davinotti:
“Young and graceful hostess has a small problem: she finds full satisfaction of the senses only when having sex at “high altitude”. Victim of this delusional situation is the poor husband, forced to investigate the root cause of this unusual craze. It all goes back to the woman’s cousin, who committed violence on her… with a model airplane! Marino Girolami, after Zombie Holocaust, uses the same set of new Caribbean Zombi 2 and , while dealing with eroticism, makes a movie that, ironically-wise, gives the product a unique appearance.”

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