Red Violation (1980)


Year………..: 1980
Director…….: Chûsei Sone (as Chuusei Sone)
Casts……….: Megumi Saki, Hiromi Okamoto, James Hunt
Genre……….: Drama | Erotic | Pinku
Country……..: Japan
Language…….: Japanese

Japanese rock singer Yuya Uchida stars as, not surprisingly, a rock singer named Yuya. He sleeps with a groupie named Megumi (Megumi Saki) after a concert, and she turns out to have been a virgin. This revelation somehow touches Yuya and changes his entire outlook on women and relationships. The rest of his band laughs at him for giving up the traditional rock & roll “hump ’em and dump ’em” ethos, but Yuya decides to enter a committed, monogamous relationship with Megumi and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, as always happens in films like this, fate has other plans. Regardless of the plot specifics, Sone’s tone and presentation set Akai Boko apart from dozens of similar efforts and it remains one of his most memorable films.

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