Rabo I (1985)

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ASS 1 is yet another in a long line of Brazilian exploit/porn films that is heavy on the sex, weak on “plot” (at least as far as I can tell being a non-Portugese speaker), and mildly entertaining/amusing for the fan of ’80s era Brazilian porn.

The storyline seems to focus around a group of people at a hotel who are all horny and bone a lot. There are several amusing scenes, including a pretty hilarious donkey-punch segment, some tranny-sex, and a scene involving a young lady and a dog…

Nothing too outstanding if you’re familiar with this era of Brazilian porn, but ASS 1 did have it’s moments. The sex comes on quick and stays heavy throughout the whole film which is a “plus” as well. Not a remarkable film by any means, but more amusing than some others of it’s

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