¡Qué gozada de divorcio! (1981)

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Another despate film from master Ozores, this one only with Pajares but who cares if we look at the female cast, the main star is the lovely actress Africa Pratt, one of the most beautiful (for me at least) from the destape films, who happened to be a good dramatic actress, also the unlucky Azucena Hernández, Trini Alonso, Pilar Alcón, make this funny comedy a very erotic one, with lots of boobs and sleaze.

Andrés Pajares … Alberto (as Andres Pajares)
África Pratt
Juanito Navarro
Azucena Hernández … Miércoles (as Azucena Hernandez)
Loreta Tovar
Pilar Alcón
Juan Santamaría
Adrián Ortega
Trini Alonso
Adriana Ozores
Emma Ozores
Verónica Ribón
Maika Grey
Florinda Chico

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