Petticoat Planet (1996)


Genres: Comedy | Romance | Sci-Fi | Western
Country: USA | Romania
Language: English
Release Date: 26 November 1996 (USA)

Commander Steve Rogers, a blue-collar space jockey with a lousy job, crash-lands his corroding craft onto a desert planet. But his luck is about to change. As he recovers he finds himself to be the only man in a wild western town inhabited by beautiful, gun slingin’, whiskey drinkin’ women. Peace, harmony and boredom abound in Puckerbush Gulch until word gets out that for the first time in twenty years, there’s a man in their midst. Best friends become bitter foes as the sex-crazed cowgirls corral the Commander one by one. Lost in space with no way home, can our hero find true happiness

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