Painful Bliss Final Twist (1977)


Many Japanese soft-porn (pingu eiga) movies, with its S&M, rape, whippings and beatings, are anything but brutal. And in Tatsumi Kumashiro’s Painful Bliss! Final Twist (1977), there is hardly any let up in terms of “domestic” violence.

Toshi is a salaried man working for his father and, though his father doesn’t know, he is engaged to get married to his father’s secretary. After work one night at a strip bar (where the topless hostesses won’t blink an eye to get on top of a guest for some quick sex), Toshi wants to have more sex with Akemi and decides to follow her home.

Before they can do anything, Akemi’s boyfriend, Kawasaki, arrives and Toshi ends up getting drunk. Kawasaki and Akemi have some rough sex and, in the process, wakes up Toshi. Kawasaki then proposes a bet where, if Toshi wins, he can have Akemi. If Toshi loses, he will be raped. Toshi loses and expects being raped by Akemi. Instead, it is Kawasaki who buggers him in front of Akemi.

Kawasaki may be a wannabe yakuza but he is actually a pimp and, together with his brother, have Akemi and two other girls working for him. He also runs a simple extortion racket. Akemi picks up an unsuspecting victim on the streets; they go to her room and have sex; Kawasaki breaks in and demands compensation from the victim for violating his “sister”.

Sometimes, the ploy doesn’t work and an older victim has a heart attack and dies while having sex. Kawasaki drives to a dumping ground and buries the body; and later beats up Akemi (and the girls when they come to her defence) for not selecting the correct victim!

Toshi tracks down Akemi but Kawasaki bursts in as they are having sex. Recognising Toshi, Kawasaki rapes him again and then ties him up. The rape and the subjugation draw Kawasaki and Toshi together and the two end up ignoring Akemi when they have sex.

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