Lady Ninja Kaede (2007)



IMDB rating: In Japan, during the reign of Shogun Yoshimune, it is the era of the samurai and the ninja. Many villages are outwardly peaceful, but a twisted sexual underbelly exists that affects more than just the criminals. Kaede and her sister are unfortunately victims of this when the elder is raped and commits suicide shortly thereafter. Kaede seeks vengeance, and a lady ninja nun who hears of the events aids her in the search. There is more to the story behind the rape however, and the lies and secrets are slowly revealed behind a trail of clothing, sweat, and blood…

Director: Takayuki Kagawa

Stars: Kazu Itsuki, Kôji Fujiyoshi, Luna Akatsuki

Etiketler: Adult 18+, Film Japan, movie

Subtitle: English

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