Kärlekens XYZ (1971)

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Kärlekens XYZ (“The XYZ of Love”) is a 1971 Swedish sex educational film directed by Torgny Wickman. It is a sequel to the two films The Language of Love AKA Ur Kärlekens Språk,and More About The Language Of Love

From IMDb:
A group of experts discuss sex and relations. Different couples demonstrate and have sex in various ways under guidance of a sex therapist. The famous Swedish lawyer Leif Silbersky talks about rape and how to interpret the law on sexual abuse.

This `movie’ is a really good way to find out just how sick the early seventies really was and it will also give you an excellent insight into the `Swedish sin’. The part with the communistic collective and their sex habits and partner swapping is extremely amusing! Thank god I wasn’t born back then! This is the third and last in the `Love’ series.

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