Inonde mon C… (1976)


Director: Michael Geimer

Alternate Titles
• Amour 1980 USA
• Holliday del mare West Germany


• Doris Huber non-sex
• Fritzi Ross plays ‘Fritzi’ Dagmar Ross, the hitch hiker
• Gaby Hiller plays Gaby
• Martine Gerault non-sex
• Rosa von Kahl non-sex
• XNK0465 non-sex
• XNK0466 non-sex
• XNK0467 non-sex

• Georges Blue maybe plays Leo Kruger, the driver who picks up Fritzi
• Rolf Mebus maybe plays Walter
• Siegmar Deubner maybe plays Ziggi Chandler, the poet/guru/intellectual poseur and prophet of free love

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