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Movie: Distorted Clinic
AKA: 사오리의 비뇨기과 / Saori’s Urology
Genres: Adult, Drama
Director: Akira Obuchi
Stars: Rie Hara Azusa, Wakaba Kaoru Ko
Release Years: 2013 (encoding) / 2008 (theatrical)
Source: Cine21i (thanks)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Korean (hardsubbed)


The doctor had to focus on her studies to become a sex thing is a sign of the same hospital, Ogata opened an eye. Saori and share a hot affair on a daily basis between the lovers Ogata. One day, will be done better after patients back to the hospital to look for odd I thought, talk to a nurse Kataoka, Saori, and lays down a shocking secret Kataoka

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