Confessions of Lady Mantis (1975)


Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Filming Locations: Tokyo, Japan
Stars : Midori Satsuki, Shingo Yamashiro, Yuki Morisaki
Story : Confessions of Lady Mantis,Kamakiri fujin no kokuhaku


Midori Satsuki stars as a vamp who destroys one poor man’s life after another. Finally she seduces a professional killer, which brings a tiny bit of action into the comedy oriented film. Being a Toei production, Mantis Wife’s Confession looks like real movie rather than a cheap exploitation production. Unfortunately the storyline is running circles, and there’s little to get excited about. A couple of good jokes make you laugh a few times, and one surprise has found its way into the film; Ema Ryoko plays a housewife. She gets into a fight, but her shirt stays on and doesn’t even get ripped.

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