Chain Gang Girls (2007)


Director: Sasuke Sasuga
Writer: Bakuto Ijûin (screenplay)
Stars: Li Mei Chan, Jun’ichi Kawamoto, Yuka Kosaka
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Nami Mizushima has just been sentenced to 15 years for the crime of a murder she didn’t commit. Now living in Yugoku Prison where the prisoners outnumber the guards 100 to 1, she must deal with the sadistic guards as well as the general prison hierarchy if she hopes to survive.

This is a low-budget (it reminded me of a particularly shoestring budgeted TV film) Japanese WIP film that is a bit on the tame side. It prefers to serve up more trite melodrama that’s not really that involving than anything else and while it does have brief fleeting moments of action as well as sleaze, it’s very likely that you’ll find yourself bored with it before too long.

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