Cariño mío, ¿qué me has hecho? (1979)


Original title: Cariño mío, ¿qué me has hecho?
Country: Spain Spain
Director: Enrique Guevara
Screenplay: Enrique Guevara, Ricard Reguant
Music: Ricardo Recuero
Photography: Isidoro Llorca
Cast: Vicente Parra, Rachel Evans, Lynn Endersson, Mara Laso, Alicia Orozco, Antonio Maroño, Emilio Alvarez
Genre: Comedy. drama | Homosexuality. Crime. Erotic

Chilean-born director Enrique Guevara was one of the foremost exponents of the erotic cinema which blossomed in Spain in the late 70s after the death of Franco and abolishment of censorship. These films, classified ‘S’ for sex content, were often more varied and inventive, and heavier on plot, than their counterparts in countries with more developed traditions of erotic movie-making. Guevara’s preferred actress was his sister, Raquel Evans, who is better known today for her appearances in the films of Jess Franco. Cariño mio tells the story of an Oedipally-minded young man who loses his mother in an accident and goes to live with an aunt. The latter so much resembles his mother that the boy becomes obsessed with her and as a first step to possession decides to separate her from her partner,

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