Beautiful Hunter (1994)


Director: Masaru Konuma
Cast: Makiko Kuno, Koji Shimizu, Johnny Okura, Katsuo Tokashi
Country: Japan

Shion (Makiko Kuno) is an assassin, raised and trained by an organization in the Catholic church known as the Magnificat. When a photo journalist threatens to expose the Magnificat, Shion is ordered to kill him and retrieve the evidence. Shion quickly realizes the threat he poses and hunts him down intending to kill him. WWW.SATAN18AV.COM
Ito-san is a smooth dude with a penchant for white suits, and while kneeling at her feet begging for his life, he manages to save himself through the remarkable technique of ripping her clothes off and administering a little oral gratification! Poor Shion is in two minds … she knows she needs to kill him, and her boss is insisting upon it … and yet it seems she has fallen in love.
The Magnificat is most displeased with the situation and orders Shion to kill the man or else they will kill her. Shion must choose between a life of killing and a life on the run…

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