Attenti… arrivano le collegiali! (1975)


AKA Die Schulmädchen kommen

This seems to be another of the endless series of 70’s “scholastic” Italian sex comedies typified by the “insegnante” series, where Edwige Fenech or one of the other more voluptuous European actresses played a sexy teacher, and the “liceale” series, where Gloria Guida or one of the other more nubile Italian actresses played a sexy schoolgirl. However, this film also seems to be somewhat inspired by the then-popular German “schulmadchen-report” films in that has much more of an ensemble female cast rather than being a showcase for a Fenech or a Guida. (It’s also missing the two ubiquitous 70’s male sex comedy buffoons, Lino Banfi and Alvaro Vitali, but that might not entirely be a bad thing).

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