A Woman and War : Sensô to hitori no onna (2013) (english subs)

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Movie: A Woman and War / The War and a Woman
Romaji: Senso to Hitori no Onna
Japanese: 戦争と一人の女
Director: Junichi Inoue
Writer: Ango Sakaguchi (novel), Haruhiko Arai
Producer: Kazutaka Katashima, Ken Terawaki
Cinematographer: Atsuhiro Nabeshima
Release Date: April 27, 2013
Runtime: 98 min.
Distributor: Dogsugar
Genre: Arthouse / War / Drama / Period-1940
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Set towards the end of World War II, Nomura (Masatoshi Nagase) is a writer who is in despair. A woman works in bar and is a former prostitute. Many years ago, her father sold her to a brothel due to the family’s severe financial hardships. The writer and the woman then agree to live as husband and wife until the war ends. The woman doesn’t feel sexual pleasures due to her past, while the man lusts for the woman’s body.

Meanwhile, Ohira (Jun Murakami) fought for Japan in China. He participated in unconscionable acts against civilians in the name of war. He returns to Japan with only one arm. Ohira then begins to prey on innocent women.

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